I really enjoy your content. Is it possible to get a notification when there’s something new on your website?

Just follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter and Pinterest or simply subscribe to our newsletter. We will surely let you know about anything new.

Can I submit my own photobook to photobooks.online?

Yes, of course, since this is what PHOTOBOOKS.ONLINE is meant for. Just register on our page and use our submission form to tell us more about your project.

Why do I have to register?

Through signing up on our website, you get the advantage to be part of our community and it simplifies our communication with you a lot. In using the registration, we try to prevent spamming, so that only ‘real’ and honest submissions find their way to us.

Is it required to fill out the submission form in English?

If English isn’t your first language, relax. Of course, you can fill in the submission form in German. We’ll then translate your German text into English.

How do you want the product shots of my photobook to look like?

Please send us product shots of you book that are only in a horizontal format. Furthermore, a neutral backdrop and uniform lighting in all of the shots would be perfect. Remember, the better the product shots, the better your photobook is presented. In case you’re still not quite sure how they should look like, simply browse through the already existing posts and get some inspiration.

Does it cost me anything to register?

Absolutely not! Registration and sending us your submission doesn’t cost you anything.

Is any kind of photobook welcome?

We can’t guarantee that your submission will be published. Nevertheless, we are interested in any kind of photobook project. Whether it’s a coffee-table book or simply a small magazine with beautiful pictures.

Why do you do this?

It’s simple: we recognized that there isn’t a valuable platform for photobooks made by upcoming artists. We aim to create an online archive that holds as many published photobooks as possible.

I like PHOTOBOOKS.ONLINE, is there any way that I can support it?

Yes, of course. We are flattered about everyone that enjoys this platform. Feel free to write about us on your blog or website!

I’m planning to publish my own photobook and would be happy for some advice, are you open to consulting me?

Sure, we’re always open to help upcoming photographers! Just write us an e-mail telling us on what you would like to have advice on and we do our best to help.