PARADIES by Ben Hammer

With “Paradies” Ben Hammer’s now third self-published photobook was published on 1 December 2020. After “Das Leben und Sterben des Ben Hammer” and “Tage Danach”, it concludes his trilogy of illustrated books, which he started four years ago, once and for all. Like its two predecessors, Ben Hammer’s third photobook is an autobiographical retelling of different phases of life and experiences. It follows on seamlessly from its two predecessors and was created in 2020, a year marked by the corona pandemic. Filled with analogue snapshots from his Contax G2, Contax T2 and the Canon AE-1 inherited from his grandpa, Ben has documented the first Corona lockdown in his hometown Cologne and the first shootings after the lockdown in his studio.

Unlike its predecessor, “Paradies” is now again photographed on colour film instead of black and white film. Mainly with Kodak Gold 200 film. Occasionally, however, Silbersalz 35mm film and its Swiss counterpart “CineGrell” are also used. The development and digitalisation of the photos for this project was again carried out by the German development laboratory “Mein Film Lab”. On 132 pages with over 50 photos, personal notes, texts and quotations from German pop music in a total of 18 songs, Ben Hammer tells of light and shadow and the fascination for the almost omnipresent everyday beauty of the little things in life. Matching the trilogy, “Paradies” is also pressed into a shapely softcover, which underlines the transience of the trilogy for him since volume 1 and makes the photobooks rather small diaries than big coffee-table books with hardcover. Printed on 120g premium offset paper, all books have a wonderful feel to them. Above all “Paradies” profits from the brilliance of colour with its colourful plays of light and snapshots. In addition to the preface and the epilogue, there is a long middle text entitled “Eine Abhandlung der Maximierung vergänglicher Glücksmomente”, which classifies the photography geographically, chronologically and autobiographically.

Format20 x 26.5 cm
Paperstyle120g Soporset Premium Offset
Number of Copies1000
Price35.00 €
Printing houseDruckerei Siepmann, Hamburg
CuratorSebastian H. Schroeder, Ben Hammer
Art-DirectorBen Hammer
LayouterMatthes Zimmermann
PhotographyBen Hammer
EditorsJohanna Keuser
other collaborators Kitrysha, Jana, Wiebke, Lea, Antonia, Katharina

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