On March 23, the evening the lockdown was announced, Jan Enkelmann was on his exercise round, cycling through an already deserted London. He was experiencing the city like he had never seen it in the 20 years he have been living here. Jan decided that taking the camera on his nightly cycling excursions was a safe way to document different parts of the city without endangering himself or others.

He felt compelled to document the lack of crowds in places that are usually buzzing with people. But looking at the images he has made over these weeks, Jan senses they have taken on a life of their own.

Maybe his photos are less about the lack of human presence, and more about the stillness of a city being allowed a breather to reveal a beauty that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Format22 x 29 cm
PaperstyleSymbol Matt Plus 170g
Number of Copies800
Price38.00 €
CuratorJan Enkelmann
Art-DirectorJan Enkelmann
LayouterJan Enkelmann
PhotographyJan Enkelmann

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