PROD. BY. by Robert Winter

Robert Winter has spent the last 10 years documenting and accompanying the local beat scene, designing its cover artwork and celebrating its festivals.
This book contains 256 pages of color and black and white photographs from this decade, designed and conceived by Tim Wetter, S. Fidelity. With an essay by Stephan Szillus and texts by Ralf Theil, who compiled various interviews and research for this book.

With pictures of Suff Daddy, Dexter, Brenk Sinatra, Hubert Daviz, Flako, Ecke Prenz, Flo Filz, Wun Two, Twit one, Bluestaeb, Melodiesinfonie, Dramadigs.

Format32 x 24 cm
PaperstyleLuxoArt Samt, Surbalin Glatt
Number of Copies1000
Price45.00 €

Printing HouseRucksal Druck
CuratorRobert Winter
Art-DirectorTim Wetter
LayouterTim Wetter
PhotographyRobert Winter
EditorsJulian Brimmers, Emma Warren, Wenzel Burmeier
other collaborators s_fidelity, Stephan Szillus, Ralf Theil

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