After many years of photographing beauty and fashion photography, several magazine publications and portraits of an Oscar-nominated actor being part of Erik Rulands portfolio, he decided to start with something completely different.

He has always been very empathic and curious for people and wanted to take photos that are real, that show personality, that focus on the human and not a product or a certain image style. So in 2016, he started to photograph strangers who were no professional models and could have just been your neighbour. With the project title “Mindfulphotojourney” he met these random strangers for one day at their home, connected with them on a quite deep and emotional level and out of this atmosphere created a setting that allowed him to take pure, uncommitted and natural photos that show their true authentic self in that situations.

The photobook OF STRANGERS & FRIENDS is the closing of Eriks 4-years long journey with this project and shows 11 very personal stories of his encounters with different women he met by random or on travels on 212 pages. The book is full of memories, emotions and showcase his unstoppable will to connect deeply with people in a world that lacks connection so much. Many of these strangers became great friends and during the course of the project Erik’s perception on beauty and love totally shifted as well as the way he approaches people.

Everyone is beautiful. It’s not about looks but about vulnerability, connection and unconditional love and acceptance you give that makes you truly beautiful. That’s what this book is about.

Format21 x 29.7 cm
Paperstyle150g, matte
Number of Copies50
Price13.00 €
CuratorErik Rulands
Art-DirectorErik Rulands
LayouterFarah Depcik
PhotographyErik Rulands
EditorsDr. Paul Rulands, Tobias Tersteegen
other collaborators Olivia Acar, Michelle Ewich, Janna Köhler, Esther Orel, Susanne Laaser, Kaltrina Vinca, Lola Bozzano, Paula Hovestadt, Asya Pritchard, Michelle de Roos, Zusana Siváková, Dennis Rethers, Farah Depcik

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