NO MILK TODAY by Lennart Schwirtz

Ina and Lennart Schwirtz had collaborated for this photo project already in 2018, not even thinking about this becoming a photobook. In 2019, he got more into working with layouts and prints and decided to try to work on a little book. Lennart went through his archive and found again the photos of Ina, who is one of his favourite models to work with. As they were shot in the house he lives in Lennart decided to let this surrounding play an additional role in my book. So he shot photos of house and garden, looking to find weird or at least peculiar arrangements. In combination with Ina’s photos and song quotes from the 60’s (which play an important role in his life, although he was born in 1987), Lennart Schwirtz tells in NO MILK TODAY a story about unfulfilled and broken love.

Format21 x 14.8 cm
Paperstyle135g, matte
Number of Copies10
Price20.00 €
Printing houseWir Machen Druck
Art-DirectorLennart Schwirtz
PhotographyLennart Schwirtz
other collaborators Ina Heinzel (model)

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