Lost Places are everywhere in the world, the fascination is the same wherever you go. They are long forgotten places whose stories Daniel Boberg tries to explore and record. The most popular Lost Places in Brandenburg are probably the sanatoriums in Beelitz, or the military town in Wünsdorf. But if you drive through Brandenburg with open eyes, you can discover much more.

The fascination behind it

In Lost Places, for him it’s not only the places that exude a fascination, but also the story behind them. Mostly Boberg informs himself before his visits, what kind of history the place has. So during your visit you have the possibility to imagine how it might have been there once.

The accompanying texts in this book give you the opportunity to learn something about the history of the places. With this you too can begin to lose yourself in these ideas. Without history, these Lost Places would be little more than run-down buildings.

What you should definitely keep in mind

If you proceed with common sense and respect, you’re halfway there. By that Daniel Boberg means that you keep your eyes and ears open at all times. If you can’t be sure that the floor is still supporting you, better turn back. He also thinks it’s incredibly important that you don’t visit places like this alone. If something happens, there would still be someone on site who could get help if necessary. Against very mouldy rooms, a simple breathing mask from the hardware store is enough for some pictures. Most of the time windows are smashed on site and nails or used syringes may be lying around.
Therefore, you should always wear sturdy shoes – after all, you don’t want to have either of them stuck in your foot.

This illustrated book takes you on a journey into the past.

Format23 x 27.3 cm
Number of Copiesaround 2500
PublisherSutton Verlag GmbH
Price29.99 €
CuratorThomas Konze / Sutton Verlag GmbH
PhotographyDaniel Boberg

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