FIN DE SIGLO by Michael Zegers

Since the revolution in 1959, the clocks in Cuba have been ticking a little differently. Due to trade restrictions and a lack of investment, a world from past decades has been preserved, but unfortunately it could only be poorly maintained. The ongoing decay is evident side by side with the splendour of former glory. This morbid beauty is slowly disappearing, as a change in Cuba has been foreseeable for several years.

Michael Zegers conceived FIN DE SIGLO as a stroll through Havana, without committing himself stylistically or thematically to one of the classic genres of photography. Double-page panoramic photographs of the city are contrasted in the book with fragmentary views of facades, everyday objects, symbols and signs. Both through the selection and sequence of images, a multi-layered visual narrative with a personal point of view is created.

For his FIN DE SIGLO project Michael Zegers visited Havana in March 2011.

Format24 x 24 cm
Paperstyle170 g, Condat matte Perigord
Number of Copies500
PublisherEdition Bildperlen
Price29.90 €
CuratorWolfgang Zurborn, Markus Schaden, Michael Zegers
TextWolfgang Zurborn
LayouterMarkus Schaden, Sven Nieder, Michael Zegers
PhotographyMichael Zegers
EditorsSimone Becker
Printing Houseprinted in Finidr, CZ
other collaborators Björn Pollmeyer

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