PORTRAIT DIARIES by Joy Dana – Issue 1

“Portrait Diaries” is a handmade, self-published indie (maga)zine by German photographer Joy Dana. Every issue includes some exclusive photos, a short interview and poems. It’s for the dreamers and people that love and appreciate handmade magazines. Since they are handmade, they are limited and already gained a collector worth. Photos are shot in digital and analogue medium format all in black and white. Japanese Binding. Portrait Diaries Issue 1 and each other Zine is handprinted and handbound with lots of love and dedication to deliver the best product possible for you. The Fine Art Zine is only available in a limited number and is print on demand. The profit made from selling the Zines will be donated. Therefore, “Portrait Diaries” is a non-profit magazine.

A journey through manhood

In Issue 1, Andre takes us on a journey through manhood and what it’s like to grow from a boy to a man. Foggy fields and a cold lake give a mystical setting which reflects the mood of the protagonist. Wandering a road, not yet passed. Not sure of what’s ahead but curios about where it leads and how it will affect the own personality. 

Portrait Diaries by Joy Dana Issue One Japanese Binding detail shot
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Japanese Binding in detail on Portrait Diaries Issue 1
Format14.8 x 21 cm
CoverSoftcover (Fine-Art Paper)
Paperstyle110g book paper
Number of Copies20
Price20.00 €

Involved people in Portrait Diaries Issue 1

CuratorJoy Dana
Art-DirectorJoy Dana
LayouterJoy Dana
PhotographyJoy Dana
EditorsAlexander Seidmann
other collaborators Evee Douglas (poems and short stories)
Portrait Diaries Joy Dana Issue1 Photobooks
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Poem by Evee Douglas in Issue 1 of Portrait Diaries

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