TAGE DANACH by Ben Hammer

Ben Hammer’s second photobook “Tage danach” was published in 2018 and, as the title suggests, follows on seamlessly to his first photobook “Das Leben und Sterben des BENHAMMER”. Many of the characteristic layout elements were consistently migrated to “Tage danach”. Same paper, same format, same layout style. Although the second illustrated book is also an autobiographical narrative of the artist, it deals with his interpersonal relationships with women rather than the raging party life. Ben was able to win over the Cologne model and meanwhile Berliner-by-choice Katharina for the project and managed to create a work of rare intimacy with her. Enriched with illustrations by the Cologne-based artist Lucy Bohr and his own notes, “Tage danach” is also a very personal work. Especially photobook lovers with a high affinity to black and white photography will get their money’s worth. Both photo books are still distributed and packed by BENHAMMER and his collective Chips & Champagne themselves. So every order comes with a personal dedication and a few surprises.

The whole book was photographed with a Contax G2. As carrier film BENHAMMER chose the timeless Hp5 from Ilford.

Format20 x 26,5 cm
PapertypeSoporset Premium Offset 120g/m2
Number of Copies1000
Printing-HouseDruckerei Siepmann, Hamburg Germany
Price35,00 €

Co-Creators of the Photobook “Tage Danach”

PhotographyBen Hammer
WritingBen Hammer
CuratorsSebastian H. Schroeder & Ben Hammer
IllustrationLucy Bohr
LayoutMatthes Zimmermann
Printing-HouseDruckerei Siepmann, Hamburg Germany
EditingJohanna Keuser & Laura Promehl

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